15 Reasons Why a Midwestern Summer is the Best (:


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Where would you rather be during the summer season? The scorching deserts? The crowded beaches?

Or would you choose the enchanting Midwest with its perfect weather and unspoiled charm?

Today, I’ll reveal 15 undeniable reasons why spending your summer break in the Midwest often beats the usual tourist destinations. Stay with me as we unmask one of America’s best-kept secrets.

Why Is a Midwestern Summer the Best? Let’s Discover!

Where would you rather be during the summer season? The scorching deserts? The crowded beaches?

Or would you choose the enchanting Midwest with its perfect weather and unspoiled charm?

Today, I’ll reveal 15 undeniable reasons why spending your summer break in the Midwest often beats the usual tourist destinations. Stay with me as we unmask one of America’s best-kept secrets.

1. Beautiful Weather

The summer months are recognized for their heat and sunshine, turning landscapes into luscious, verdant paradises. Days are typically clearer, forming the ideal setting for open-air endeavors. It feels as if the entire world is undergoing a delightful transformation.

One could compare this sensation to being amidst an intense, visually stunning artwork where everything is steeped in a variety of green hues. It’s a universal sign of the better times to come, replacing winter’s harsh cold with a cozy, welcoming feeling.

2. Outdoor Activities

With warm weather comes an irresistible attraction to the great outdoors. The clear, sunny skies signal the start of countless fun-filled outdoor activities. A silent mountain hike, the rush of wind as we move down a bike path, or the tranquility of spending time on the water for fishing or boating.

These outings are not only enjoyable but also great for physical exercise and appreciating the nature surrounding us. Whether it is a challenging mountain hike or a relaxed bike ride in the neighbourhood, each outdoor pursuit brings with it thrilling tales and memories.

3. Picnics & Barbecues

A Midwestern summer brings joy to our senses, with warm sunshine and the soft rustle of leaves forming a captivating melody. It represents the perfect time for picnics and barbecues, fun-filled ways to celebrate the season.

With ample open spaces and green parks, it’s simple and enjoyable to spread a picnic blanket, share a meal, and immerse oneself in nature. Whether it’s a family reunion or a romantic date, a picnic can turn an ordinary day into a unique event.

As for those looking for an interactive culinary affair, barbecues fit the bill. Outdoor cooking becomes a social gathering, with the mouthwatering smell of grilling food under an open sky adding to the reasons why Midwestern summers are so cherished.

4. Farmers’ Markets

During the summer, the farmers’ markets are bustling with a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables. These open-air stalls foster direct interaction between farmers and consumers, assuring fresh farm-to-table produce. But their offerings aren’t limited to plants, as many markets stock dairy, meat, and fish from local sources.

The focus isn’t solely on food either. There’s also a range of handmade items available at many farmers’ markets, including craftwork and skincare products. So, if you’re free on a sunny afternoon, consider supporting local farmers and artisans by visiting the market. You might even discover something distinctive to take home.

5. Water Sports

The number of recreational options hundreds of lakes and rivers offer in terms of water sports is fantastic. From kayaking to paddleboarding, there’s a thrilling activity for everyone. These natural water bodies provide ideal avenues for chilling out and indulging in exciting adventures.

Besides being exhilarating, water sports enhance physical health and mental wellbeing. So, if an active outdoor lifestyle draws you, spending the weekend trying out water sports at your nearest lake or river might just be ideal. Don’t forget, glistening waters are not just for admiring – they’re perfect for play too.

6. State Fairs and Festivals

Summer in the Midwest often means state fairs and festivals. These events celebrate local culture, music, and food and are eagerly awaited throughout the year. They unite communities, allowing them to rejoice in shared customs.

These festivals give a platform to local artists, musicians, chefs, and others to display their talent. Consider them as a mini-encapsulation of local culture – from hometown band music to local cuisine. It’s the essence of a state, neatly wrapped in a festive package.

7. Wildlife

Midwestern summers are renowned for their wildlife spectacles. In my experience, this season presents an extraordinary variety of animal sightings. Birds are in abundance, their melodious songs harmonizing with the surroundings.

But birds aren’t the whole story. A keen observer might also catch glimpses of deer, raccoons, and foxes basking under the Midwestern sun. Being able to observe such diverse fauna can feel akin to a non-stop safari expedition, right in our own backyards. Witnessing these creatures thriving in their natural surroundings is an inspiring sight.

8. Camping

For camping enthusiasts like me, summer is a dream come true. The abundance of picturesque locations makes it a pleasure for campers to immerse themselves in wilderness and bask in the warmth and extended daylight that summer offers. Scenic spots like national parks, alongside rivers, or within forests seem even more enchanting during the summer months.

Speaking from personal experience, the extraordinary sunsets, peaceful early mornings, and thrilling outdoor activities during this season enrich the camping pursuit manifold. However, maintaining respect for nature and minimizing impact on the environment should always be the top priority.

9. Gardening

If you reside in the Midwest, especially if you enjoy gardening, consider yourself in luck. The region has an outstanding summer climate, ideal for cultivating a broad variety of plants. An ideal blend of adequate sunlight and rainfall make it a gardener’s paradise.

Of course, successful gardening requires time, patience, and a knack for it. If you’re up for the challenge, your garden in the Midwest could be your summer hobby, a stress reliever, and your daily moment with nature right in your backyard. With the proper knowledge and resources, your Midwestern garden can bloom beautifully.

10. Sunset Viewing

Having witnessed the majestic Midwestern sunsets multiple times, I can assertively declare that their summer embodiments are purely captivating. The expansive landscapes coupled with unique atmospheric conditions shape a stunning color portfolio. The sky transitions from blue to shades of pink, orange, and purple, creating breathtaking, painting-like appearances.

Each sunset feels like an artistic masterpiece that instills wonder and creativity. No wonder photographers and nature enthusiasts frequent places like North Dakota or Illinois during summer evenings. Be it open prairies or lakeside horizons, the Midwest invariably organizes a magnificent sunset display.

11. Stargazing

If you happen to be in the Midwest under clear skies, it’s a prime opportunity for stargazing. Less light pollution in this region makes it particularly suitable for this activity.

The minimal light pollution enables visibility of more stars, even to the naked eye. Be ready for the magnificent view of the Milky Way, constellations, and occasionally, even planets. This is indeed a treat, regardless of whether you’re interested in astronomy, a nighttime sky photographer, or simply someone who appreciates natural beauty.

12. Firefly Shows

During spring and summer evenings, you’re likely to witness the natural spectacle of fireflies illuminating the night. These small bioluminescent insects, also known as lightning bugs, create an incredible display of light.

Each light flash is, in fact, a firefly’s method of communicating with potential mates. It’s not just romantic, but also quite mesmerizing to witness. So, remember to look out for this free, romantic, and breathtaking light show provided by nature the next time you’re out at dusk.

13. Local Ice Cream Shops

Ice cream and summer are an ideal match, especially in the Midwest where there are countless charming ice cream shops providing delight throughout the season.

The home-style ice creams these local shops offer are not just regular flavors. Think along the lines of honey-lavender, sweet corn, or bourbon-pecan. Of course, they do the classic flavors exceptionally well too.

The fresh, local ingredients, unique flavor profiles and the quaint charm of these ice cream parlors ensure customers keep returning. So, when the summer heat strikes, make sure to support your local businesses and treat yourself to some remarkable ice cream.

14. Baseball Games

Summer is undeniably the perfect season for baseball games. The Midwest offers prime seats for the action with venerated teams and grand stadiums. Having watched numerous games here, I can assure you that there’s something special about spending a sunny afternoon rooting for your favorite team.

While I have a soft spot for the Midwestern baseball scene, baseball fans across the country seem to agree. The combination of thrilling baseball games set against the backdrop of some truly impressive Midwestern stadiums holds a universal charm.

15. Relaxing Pace of Life

The Midwest is recognized for its slower, more relaxed pace. This is particularly evident during the warm summers. In contrast with the frantic city life, here we find solace in small pleasures, such as porch sitting, landscape watching, and relishing the bonds of a tight-knit community.

This gentle rhythm of life allows us to truly be in the moment, being more mindful, and deeply appreciating our surroundings. It’s a reminder to take a break from the fast-paced life and just unwind. After all, there’s something deeply satisfying about a relaxed summer afternoon.

Midwestern Summer: A Delightful Symphony of Experiences

When you closely observe each element of the Midwestern summer, it becomes clear that it is a feast of the senses, a joyous amalgamation of alluring landscapes, invigorating activities, tantalizing food and fantastic wildlife. From the enthralling joy of water sports and outdoor adventures such as hiking and camping, the cultural unity found in state fairs and festivals, to the calming peacefulness of stargazing and sunset-watching, every aspect contributes to an enriching memory.

Delights such as the blooming of gardens, the sights and sounds of the wildlife and the incredibly comforting rhythm of life here further justify why Midwest summers are so cherished. But it’s not only Mother Earth who contributes to these delights, but local artisans as well, who fill farmers’ markets and ice cream shops with their creativity, ensuring a taste of the Midwest in every interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What makes summer a great time for outdoor activities in the Midwest?

The Midwestern summer offers clear skies and longer daylight hours, making it an ideal setting for various outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, fishing, boating, camping, and more. The weather enhances these experiences with the breathtaking landscapes around.

What are the popular food-related events during the Midwestern summer?

Summer in the Midwest is a time for picnics, barbecues, and farmers’ markets. The fresh local produce available and the opportunity for outdoor cooking offer a unique culinary experience.

What are some distinctive features of Midwestern summer evenings?

Midwestern summer evenings are magical, featuring stunning sunsets and clear, starlit skies. And when it gets dark, the spectacle of fireflies lighting up the night adds an ethereal charm to the environment.

Why is gardener-friendly summer weather beneficial?

The summer climate in the Midwest is perfect for gardening, with plenty of sunlight and rainfall. This makes it an ideal place for a wide variety of plants, making gardening a delightful summer hobby.

Why are local ice cream shops popular in Midwest summers?

Ice cream is a perfect summer treat, and in the Midwest, local ice cream shops offer unique flavors beyond the regular vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. These shops are well-loved for their quality ingredients, creativity, and nostalgic charm.

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