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Ever had that nagging hunger pang in the early Palm Springs morning? I have too. It’s a familiar friend that leads us on a quest for the most important meal of the day – breakfast.

With an endless array of eateries in this sunny city, hunting for the best places could be quite a task. ‘Where do I get the best pancakes?’ ‘Who serves the meanest coffee?’ Questions like these might keep popping up. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Welcome to the ultimate index of the 11 best breakfast spots in Palm Springs. I assure you, they’re worth getting out of bed for!

1. Cheeky’s: A Local Favorite

Let’s talk about a special spot that locals adore. Cheeky’s, known for its commitment to freshness and variety, offers a new menu every week. This place doesn’t just stick to the same old. It’s constantly surprising its patrons with creative and delicious new dishes.

But what’s unique about Cheeky’s is its dedication to using locally sourced ingredients. This means you’re not only getting a good meal, but you’re also supporting the local community. It’s a win-win situation. If you’re ever in town, I highly recommend giving Cheeky’s a try. It’s not just a meal, it’s an experience.

2. Farm: Offering a Charming, European Atmosphere

round white ceramic plate filled with waffle

There’s a certain charm to Farm. Imagine stepping into an idyllic European setting, where rustic farm-to-table dining is less a trend and more a way of life. The emphasis here is on fresh, seasonal produce, which forms the foundation of their diverse, and delectable menu.

This focus on freshness not only assures mouth-watering flavors, but also supports sustainability. Think of it as a win for your taste buds and the environment. Coming here, you’re not just dining; you’re partaking in a traditional, European culinary culture. You’re making a conscious choice for sustainable living

3. Elmer’s Restaurant

Elmer’s Restaurant is a traditional American diner celebrated for its scrumptious breakfast offerings. One of the must-try dishes on the menu is the German pancake. This filling breakfast item is not your typical flapjack. It’s larger, typically cooked in a cast-iron skillet, and has delightfully crisped edges.

In the center, the pancake is notably thin and airy. Smear some of their homemade apple compote on it and you’ve got yourself a breakfast winner. Its unique taste and textures, alongside its hearty serving size, continually make the German pancake a crowd favorite. So next time you’re there, all you’ve got to do is sit back, sip your coffee, and dig into one of the finest breakfasts America has to offer.

4. Pinocchio in the Desert

If you’re ever in Palm Springs, California and craving a hearty meal in a vibrant setting, you should consider Pinocchio in the Desert. This unique restaurant is celebrated for its dual American-Mexican breakfast menu, allowing patrons to kick-start their day with a gastronomic delight.

More than just delicious food, Pinocchio in the Desert also boasts an atmosphere that matches the liveliness of its menu. Its eye-catching decor seeks to transport you straight into a fun, desert wonderland for an unforgettable dining experience. For a breakfast that’s more than just a meal, Pinocchio in the Desert certainly packs a punch.

5. Sherman’s Deli & Bakery

fruit sandwich on a blue ceramic plate

When you’re craving for something hearty and delicious, you might want to check out Sherman’s Deli & Bakery. This famed destination is known for its kosher-style approach to classic deli delights.

With a menu boasting bagels, omelettes, and other breakfast staples, you’re sure to start your day off on a delicious note. Their commitment to quality is evident in each bite and it’s no wonder they’ve maintained a loyal following over the years. Remember, nothing beats a good hearty breakfast to kick start your day, especially if it’s from Sherman’s.

6. Norma’s

You always have that one favorite spot when on holiday. If you’re visiting Palm Springs, that spot should be Norma’s. Located in the upscale Parker Palm Springs hotel, Norma’s is renowned for its five-star dining experience.

A feast for the senses, Norma’s offers a diverse range of gourmet breakfast options. We’re talking about Belgian waffles with berries, avocado toast, and a variety of egg dishes—each one a masterclass in flavor and presentation. And there’s more. Not to forget their spectacular Crème Brûlée French Toast dish, it’s worth raving about.source Don’t just take our word for it, Norma’s is a must-visit when in Palm Springs.

7. Broken Yolk Cafe

Commonly known as a popular staple for classic breakfast dishes, the Broken Yolk Cafe is a place that gets your day started the right way. Its extensive menu caters to various breakfast preferences, offering everything from pancakes and eggs to healthier options like granola and fresh fruit bowls.

The cafe assures quality in every dish, making it a favored go-to spot for both locals and visitors. So, if you’re a food enthusiast who loves a hearty breakfast, a meet up at this cafe is sure to leave your tastebuds completely satisfied.

8. Rick’s Restaurant & Bakery

bread on brown ceramic plate

There are diners… And then there’s Rick’s Restaurant & Bakery. Known for its genuinely warm service and remarkable American fare, this eatery stands head and shoulders above the rest. Expect your mornings to be instantly brightened up by their delectable Huevos Rancheros and French toast.

At Rick’s, it’s not just about the food. The atmosphere and customer service are just as imperative. Every customer is treated like family – now that’s something hard to find these days. For a breakfast that feels like home, look no further.

9. Wilma & Frieda’s Cafe

Imagine starting your day with a hearty breakfast at a cozy, neighborhood cafe. Welcome to Wilma & Frieda’s Cafe. This charming spot is known not only for its unique breakfast options but also for its very own homemade pastries. It’s definitely a go-to place for both locals and tourists.

The uniqueness of their menu adds to the overall awesome dining experience. Each dish is prepared with passion and a creative touch. You can almost taste the love and care in every bite. And let’s not forget about their homemade pastries, freshly baked daily. Every pastry is a flavorful masterpiece that you won’t easily forget.

10. Palm Greens Cafe

Need a healthier breakfast spot? Try Palm Greens Cafe. They’re especially known for their vegan and vegetarian options. It’s no secret that having a plant-based meal to start your day can drastically improve your overall nutrition.

This spot has a menu filled with vibrant and fresh ingredients, making it a healthy alternative to your usual breakfast haunt. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or just trying to eat healthier, Palm Greens Cafe is an ideal choice. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make it a nutritional one.

11. Keedy’s Fountain Grill

vegetable and meat and with bread dishes

If you’re a fan of classic American comfort food served in an environment filled with nostalgia, then Keedy’s Fountain Grill is the place for you. This traditional diner exudes a retro vibe that takes you back to simpler times.

The menu at Keedy’s is loaded with all your breakfast favorites; pancakes, eggs, bacon, and more. Their dishes are prepared with skill and leave you feeling both satisfied and nostalgic for the good old days. It’s a little taste of history, right at your breakfast table.

Wrapping it Up!

We’ve traversed the vibrant food culture of Palm Springs, visiting 11 remarkable breakfast spots. From Cheeky’s weekly changing fresh menu to Farm’s European atmosphere and Sherman’s kosher-style delights, there’s no shortage of gastronomic experiences in this sunny city.

Whether it’s American classics at Elmer’s or inventive dishes at Pinocchio in the Desert, breakfast in Palm Springs is anything but ordinary. Enjoy gourmet offerings at Norma’s, or classic comfort at Keedy’s; there’s something for everyone.

Which is the best restaurant for breakfast in Palm Springs?

This largely depends on your preferences. Each of the discussed restaurants offers unique and delicious options for breakfast.

Where can I get a classic American breakfast in Palm Springs?

Elmer’s Restaurant and Keedy’s Fountain Grill offer fantastic American breakfast options.

What options are available if I want a healthier breakfast?

Palm Greens Cafe is known for its vegan and vegetarian options, providing a healthier alternative for breakfast enthusiasts.

Do any of the restaurants offer unique or inventive dishes?

Yes, Cheeky’s excels at surprising patrons with creative new dishes every week, while Pinocchio in the Desert serves a dual American-Mexican breakfast menu.

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