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My Love Letter to Breakfast in Lake Arrowhead

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where can I find the best breakfast in Lake Arrowhead?” As a breakfast enthusiast living in this beautiful area, I’ve wondered the same.

Navigating through options might seem like a scrambled eggs mess. But don’t worry! I’m here to save you from a breakfast blunder.

I’ve brewed up a list of the 7 best breakfast spots that you absolutely must try. Each unique in its way and sure to leave you craving for more, long after you’ve licked the last syrup-drenched fork clean.

Ready to dig in and discover these delicious gems?

1. Belgian Waffle Works

Imagine sitting lakeside, savoring a golden-brown waffle, perfectly crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. A dream. Nope, it’s real at Belgian Waffle Works.

Here, they master not only in waffles but also in serving delightful crepes and other comfort foods. Their menu is a symphony of sweet and savory flavors that’ll make your morning brunch or late-night snack unforgettable.

But it’s not just about the food. They also serve a selection of beer, wine, and cocktails. It’s the perfect place to dine and unwind, all with a stunning view of the lake in the background. Sounds nice, doesn’t it.

2. Cedar Glen Inn

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When it comes to American classics for breakfast, Cedar Glen Inn is a popular choice. This beloved spot offers an array of comforting favorites such as egg dishes, pancakes, and home-baked bread. Not only are these dishes delicious but they also provide a comforting start to the day.

What sets Cedar Glen Inn apart is their commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients. This commitment is evident in every bite of their mouthwatering breakfast offerings. Each dish is prepared with dedication and love, making your meal at Cedar Glen Inn a truly scrumptious experience. Don’t forget to try their home-baked bread which is a crowd-favorite.

3. Lake Arrowhead Deli, Pizza and Family Fun Center

Looking for an all-in-one spot to entertain your family and satisfy your craving for deli-style breakfast or pizza? Consider the Lake Arrowhead Deli, Pizza and Family Fun Center. This is not just a place to dine, but also a fun-filled zone that includes arcade games and a mini-golf course.

The menu has a wide range of offerings right from breakfast to pizzas. But the fun doesn’t stop at food. You can head to the arcade for some gaming or try your hand at mini-golf. This center really does have something for everyone.

4. The Grill at Antler’s Inn

Imagine relishing a good old American-style breakfast in an ‘into the woods’ setting with loved ones. That’s exactly what The Grill at Antler’s Inn offers. Known for its family-friendly ambiance, it warmly welcomes everyone, ensuring a comfortable dining experience.

The venue boasts a rustic charm with its woodsy interiors, oozing an authentic forest-like aura. You get to enjoy your meals, not just in an indoor setup but also on a beautiful patio outdoors. Want to bring your family closer to nature while enjoying a hearty breakfast. Try The Grill at Antler’s Inn.

5. The Old German Deli

When you step into The Old German Deli, it’s like boarding a culinary train straight to Europe. This deli serves as a hub for nostalgic grocery shoppers or first-timers seeking to explore German and European delights. With a widespread offering, it carves out a unique niche in the market.

As you stroll down the aisles, you’ll find an array of bakery items, including traditional European breads and pastries. Not to mention, they offer a smorgasbord of German and European meats that add the perfect touch to any meal. Here, you can pick up all the products you need for that authentic European dinner at home.

Not just the food, The Old German Deli also encapsulates an essence of German and European culture. It’s more than just a shopping trip, it’s stepping into a mini Europe in your backyard. Next time you’re in the mood for a European food trip, give The Old German Deli a visit. You won’t be disappointed.

6. Hortencia’s at the Cliffhanger

If you’re looking for a breakfast spot with an incredible view, Hortencia’s at the Cliffhanger could be your next go-to. Positioned on a spectacular cliff side, this place serves Mexican style breakfast with panoramic views of the mountains and forest.

The view isn’t the only thing that will impress you here. The food at Hortencia’s is as delightful as the scenery. The restaurant puts a Mexican twist on classic breakfast dishes, continually impressing its patrons. Ready for breakfast with a view. You might not want to leave.

7. Papagayos Restaurant and Cantina

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When you’re in the mood for something different at breakfast, think of Papagayos Restaurant and Cantina. They don’t just serve Mexican cuisine, they specialize in it, and their breakfast offerings are distinctive. Imagine beginning your day with a plate full of specialty Mexican cuisine, and you’ll begin to understand the appeal.

And it’s not just the food. The ambience of Papagayos sets it apart from other breakfast spots. Find a cozy corner and immerse yourself in a unique dining experience. There’s no doubt about it: Papagayos is a special place to grab breakfast.

In Conclusion

Each place mentioned that you can find in Lake Arrowhead, California, brings its unique charm and flavorful offerings. Belgian Waffle Works allures you with its delightful sweet and savory waffles while Cedar Glen Inn sets a high bar with its fresh, high-quality classic breakfast offerings. If you’re looking for fun and food together, head over to Lake Arrowhead Deli, Pizza and Family Fun Center. The Grill at Antler’s Inn is the place to be if you want to feel closer to nature while enjoying a hearty breakfast.
For fans of European cuisine, The Old German Deli offers authentic German and European food and cultural vibes. Equally unmatched, Hortencia’s at the Cliffhanger stands out with its incredible cliffside views and Mexican style breakfast. Ending on a high note, Papagayos Restaurant and Cantina takes your taste buds on a distinctive, Mexican odyssey during breakfast. At the end of the day, it’s about finding the one that sings your palate’s song, making your food journey truly remarkable.

Where can I dine lakeside in Lake Arrowhead?

Belgian Waffle Works in Lake Arrowhead offers a stunning lakeside view, making your dining experience even more special.

Which place offers family fun along with food?

Lake Arrowhead Deli, Pizza and Family Fun Center is a popular destination offering a combination of arcade gaming, fun, and food.

Where can I enjoy breakfast with a view in Lake Arrowhead?

Hortencia’s at the Cliffhanger offers a unique dining experience with its cliffside location that serves Mexican-style breakfast with panoramic views.

Which restaurants offer a unique breakfast experience in Lake Arrowhead?

Belgian Waffle Works, Cedar Glen Inn, and Papagayos Restaurant and Cantina all provide unique and exceptional breakfast offerings locally sourced and served fresh.

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