The two separate, white washed cave houses are carved in the mountain in the heart of Oia, right on top of the stairs that lead to Armeni Bay. They are newly renovated with respect to local building style and typical Santorini architecture. Both homes offer the classical Cycladic beauty of being simple while comforting and welcoming. At the upper level there is a 35m2 open plan cave house providing a comfortable stay through its harmonious ambience and simplicity. A big rectangular window dominates the side of the cozy living room, offering ample views of Oia's picturesque settlement. The connected bedroom, with the built-in double bed, has a high quality mattress and pillows, offering serene and restful sleep. A fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with rain shower complete the home-away-from home feeling in this cocoon like cave house. The interiors feature a collection of local treasures hand picked by the owner during the years. Each item carries a different memory and the energy of true craftsmanship is palpable.

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