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Top 40+ Airbnbs In Los Angeles
Los Angeles from a window
Corbin Richardson // Los Angeles

The Best Airbnbs In LA

There are over 10,000 vacation rentals in greater Los Angeles.

The city is full of vast neighborhoods, rolling mountains, and endless expanses of beautiful beaches. In one big metropolitan, you can find awe-inspiring oceanfront homes, industrial lofts tucked into downtown skyscrapers, or tiny homes secluded in mountain canyons.

The geography is truly like no other city.

And ultimately, among such a diverse place, and with such a large number of homes to choose from, it can be difficult to pinpoint the top Airbnbs in Los Angeles.

But by taking into account host reviews (we look for a strong history of reviews — and close to 5-star ratings), alongside characteristics like views, design, and amenities — a clear set of options start to emerge.

Let’s jump in and discover the top Airbnbs in Los Angeles.

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Top Airbnbs In LA: Beachside Homes

Malibu Modern Paradise Airbnb
Roberto Nickson // Book Here

Los Angeles is notorious for its beautiful beaches.

Among them is Malibu. Crawling along 30 miles of pristine Pacific coastline, Malibu has achieved a special status among California’s beach towns.

Oceanfront mansions dot the beaches, surfers shred along the waves, and sunsets paint the town in beautiful colors every night.

It’s hard to go wrong with any beachside Airbnb in Malibu. But while oceanfront homes are always awesome, a lesser known quality about Malibu lies in the land just off the coastline.

Tucked into the mountains of Malibu are some of the best Airbnbs in Los Angeles. Here, you’ll find convenient access to the coast, but also some of the most gorgeous views in all of LA. You’ll sacrifice the sound of waves for more expansive views, but to many, it’s a worthy price to pay.

The only drawback (or benefit, depending on what you’re looking for) about Malibu is the distance from LA. With traffic, driving from Malibu and into Los Angeles can easily take upwards of an hour or two.

For something more convenient to amenities in Los Angeles, be sure to check out homes in Venice Beach or Santa Monica.

Click the prices on the map below to discover top beachside Airbnbs in LA.

Top Airbnbs In LA: City Views

Love the beach? Same here.

Love the city more? Wow, us too

If you find yourself looking for something closer to downtown Los Angeles, or the nightlife in Hollywood, then Airbnbs with a city view are perfect for you. Some notable places with these views include:

Echo Park

At the top of the list is Echo Park, a densely populated area with rolling hills and tons of restaurants to explore. While the area is pretty packed, it does offer some much-needed open space.

In the middle of this neighborhood lies Echo Park Lake, a notable spot for photography that doubles as a fun date spot. Be sure to hitch a ride on the swans if you’re with your significant other.


Silverlake is next door to Echo Park and can be considered its trendier little brother. In Silverlake, you’ll also find great restaurants, alongside exciting nightlife, and of course, the classic “hipster” vibe that’s come to dominate younger and wealthier parts of LA.


As Visit California so eloquently puts, Hollywood is a state of mind and a very real place. It’s the capital of the global entertainment industry. It offers amazing nightlife. And it’s a vibrant and contemporary urban district that has undergone a surprising renaissance in recent years.

Hollywood is great for folks looking to be fully immersed in the busy and lively aspects of Los Angeles. But keep in mind, the area is very touristy, and not a spot that most locals like to visit.

In fact, Hollywood to an LA local is like Times Square to a New York resident — it’s crowded, full of tourists, and not a place that’s on the top of your list.

City Terrace

On the other hand, we have City Terrace. This area is a lesser known part of Los Angeles that offers some of the most impressive views of Downtown LA.

It’s close to the Arts District and the gentrifying area of Boyle Heights. It offers a more authentic Los Angeles experience than some of the glitzier LA spots, like Malibu or Beverly Hills. And as an added bonus, the area is easy to access.

Top Airbnbs in LA: Cozy Courtyards

Have a general idea of where you’d like to go, but not an exact destination?

LA is a great spot for this.

You can come to this city knowing you’d like to visit, then choose exactly where you visit based on the Airbnbs available. With this strategy, you might land in some unique areas, but you’re sure to have a gorgeous home waiting for you.

If this sounds like you, then one thing we’d highly recommend looking for is a nice courtyard. To us, a courtyard can be a real rejuvenating addition to any home within a big city.

On that note, we’ve compiled a list of homes with some of the coziest courtyards across Los Angeles. And what makes an Airbnb pop more than a refreshing and inspiring courtyard?

Better yet, we’ve selected these homes to match some of the better travel spots in Los Angeles. Now, you can find some cozy courtyards built for relaxation, all within some chic areas of LA.

Some homes also offer lovely views of cityscapes or surrounding hills, others have quaint pools just waiting for you to jump in.

Escape the city to your own slice of courtyard heaven. Click around on the map below to explore.

Top Airbnbs in LA: Romantic Retreats

LA is no Paris, but it certainly makes for a romantic travel spot.

Couple the beautiful sunsets, gorgeous terrain, and terrific nightlife, and you’ll find a city meant for date-cations. And some options won’t require a small fortune, like a sunset dinner at Nobu in Malibu.

If you’re looking for a romantic retreat, then the more secluded spots of Los Angeles are calling your name. Neighborhoods in this domain include:

  • Malibu
  • Topanga Canyon
  • Hollywood Hills

These areas combine stunning views with seclusion. Malibu is iconic for being an isolated community along pristine coastline, whereas Topanga offers more of a rustic escape tucked into the mountains behind Malibu.

Lastly, the Hollywood Hills offer rolling terrain and pockets of seclusion, while still being close to all the action in LA.

But whether you choose to be close to one of the largest cities on earth, or more removed from it, a cozy courtyard will provide you with your own little escape.

Top Airbnbs in LA: Unique Stays

Airbnb is known for its unique offerings.

Arguably, the platform has found the success it enjoys today through eclectic and exciting accommodations. Particularly accommodations that are vastly different from hotels.

On that note, we would be amiss not to include some of the most unique Airbnbs across Los Angeles. Things like yurts, RVs, campers, cabins, and more all exist throughout LA. And some of the top Airbnbs in Los Angeles provide these exact experiences.

Looking for an Airstream in Malibu? Check.

How about a tiny cabin in Topanga? Yup.

A hobbit house near the ocean? Why not.

Each of these gems can add a little extra excitement to any LA vacation. Why not make your accommodation an experience, too.

In Conclusion

Los Angeles is a lovely city with even lovelier Airbnbs.

As the global entertainment capital of the world, it should come as no surprise that this city offers some of the most picture-perfect vacation rentals.

Whether you’re planning a romantic retreat, friends trip, or just a personal escape, you should have no shortage of top Airbnbs in LA to choose from.

Happy travels.

The Complete List

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