Whisper Rock Ranch // Roberto Nickson // Pioneertown, CA

The Most Instagrammable Airbnbs

Finding Instagram worthy Airbnbs has been our focus for quite some time.

As some of you reading might know, it’s been about two and half years since we started profiling the best Airbnbs and hotels on Instagram.

Since then, we’ve posted over 1,000 photos, gained close to half a million followers, and have fallen deeper in love with finding unique and aesthetic properties.

It’s been a humbling experience discovering homes that have commanded a following on Instagram. As well as learning about the various hosts on social media dedicating hard work, immense creativity, and passion to their marketing efforts.

With that, it’s time to celebrate these hosts, and shine a small spotlight on some of the top, Instagram worthy Airbnbs.

17 Instagram Worthy Airbnb Examples

Quick note before diving in:

If you’re a host getting started on social media, be sure to learn about why it’s important to have an Airbnb-specific account on Instagram. Hint: it’s a pretty great way to boost your bookings.

Let’s get started.

1) La Maison Marrakech

La Maison Marrakech // Marrakech, Morocco


Blending craftsmanship, design, and a bit of a green thumb, La Maison Marrakech is an Instagram-ideal place to stay in Morocco.

This beautiful riad in centered in the heart of Marrakech. Cozy up in the plunge pool and rejuvenate in this artistic oasis.

Book La Maison Marrakech

2) Temple Farmhouse Byron Bay

Temple Farmhouse Byron Bay // Byron Bay, Australia


Temple Farmhouse Byron Bay is a stunning retreat positioned on 75 acres of gorgeous terrain. The property sleeps up to 9 guests on a remote and secluded piece of land.

Look for photos from @MayaGyspea on Instagram from her beautiful stay and collaboration with this property.

Book Temple Farmhouse Byron Bay

3) Il Baciarino

Il Baciarino // Maremma, Italy


Located in between Florence and Rome, this rural retreat offers stunning vistas over the Italian countryside.

Il Baciarino provides a lush and lovely escape for any vacationer looking to relax in Italy’s outback.

Book Il Baciarino

4) The Little Black Shack

The Little Black Shack // Pittwater, Australia


The Little Black Shack is a fisherman’s cabin located on the pristine waters of Mackerel Beach. The property sleeps up to 4 guests in 2 bedrooms and is perfect for a couples retreat.

Enjoy serene sights and the fresh ocean air from this cozy escape. Best of all, it’s only a short, 1-hour drive from Sydney, Australia.

Book The Little Black Shack

5) Whisper Rock Ranch

Whisper Rock Ranch // Pioneertown, CA


Whisper Rock Ranch is positioned in a remote area of Pioneertown, CA (close to Joshua Tree).

Even though this retreat might be off-grid, it doesn’t lack any amenities — offering guests a pool and hot tub, alongside other essentials like air conditioning and wifi.

This tranquil escape caters to excellent design. Come for the views, cozy up in the interiors, and stargaze from the spa.

Book Whisper Rock Ranch

6) The Young Villas

The Young Villas // Bali, Indonesia


A sunken couch, stunning kitchen, and beautiful pool — what more could you ask for?

The Young Villas in Bali are a trio of recently built vacation rentals, highlighting the light and lush atmosphere on Bali. This tropical escape is secluded on a remote road in Canggu.

Although private, this Airbnb is only minutes from the beach and a short distance to town.

Book The Young Villas

7) Quinta Alta Vista

Quinta Alta Vista // Florianopolis, Brazil


Quinta Alta Vista is a beautiful Brazilian cabin made for romantic retreats. Surrounded by nature, this rural vacation rental is best enjoyed with a glass of wine in hand.

Quinta Alta Vista sleeps 2 guests, so invite your significant other, and enjoy the best of Brazil’s countryside.

Looking to get a group retreat going? Have no fear, they offer other cabins, too.

Book Quinta Alta Vista


VILLA V ULUWATU // Bali, Indonesia


VILLA V ULUWATU is a photographer’s paradise.

Known for contemporary, minimalist design, this property provides panoramic ocean views, with stunning leading lines and simple aesthetics. Open the windows and let the long curtains flutter in Bali’s ocean breeze.


9) Dragon House Bali

Dragon House Bali // Bali, Indonesia


Bali has no shortage of beautiful Airbnbs.

But if you’re looking for a luxury retreat, perfect for a small group, then a top choice has to be Dragon House Bali. This home is located in one of the premier private communities on the island and boasts multiple first-class amenities.

Enjoy the gorgeous pool, stunning architecture, and excellent eye for artistry.

Book Dragon House Bali

10) Chateau St. Victor La Coste

Chateau St. Victor La Coste // St. Victor, France


Looking for a rustic French retreat?

Look no further.

Chateau St. Victor La Coste offers a collection of stone cottages sprinkled around the grounds of a 16th century castle. This property offers an incredible display of culture and history, while also boasting a beautiful pool that is second to none.

Find your next romantic retreat in France.

Book Chateau St. Victor La Coste

11) Rancho La Terapia

Rancho La Terapia // Villalba, Puerto Rico


Rancho La Terapia is the perfect place for your next Puerto Rico trip.

This property features a cabin tucked high into the hills of Villalba, where 2 guests can comfortably enjoy scenic sunset views. As shown above, this property is notable for its spectacular pool view.

Watch as the sun falls over the mountains ahead, framed from the windows inside.

Book Rancho La Terapia

12) Trott Cottage

Trott Cottage // Lake Menominee, Canada


If you’re looking for a trip to Canada, then be sure to look towards Trott Cottage.

Trott Cottage is a boutique aframe cabin, positioned along the waters of Lake Menominee. The home sleeps two guests comfortably and features breathtaking sunrises.

Turn on the heater, brew a cup of coffee, and get cozy in this quaint cabin.

Book Trott Cottage

13) A Black A Frame

A Black A Frame // @DirtAndGlass // Kerhonkson, New York


One of New York’s finest vacation rentals.

A Black A Frame has been an active host on Instagram, growing an account since 2018, and currently commanding over 100,000 followers. Notable influencers like @dirtandglass, @cfunk, and @ethanabitz frequently visit this photography-friendly spot.

Boasting sleek design and a terrain that yells “let’s drink coffee and watch a movie,” A Black A Frame is one of northeast’s most Instagram worthy Airbnbs. Get a few friends and escape to this cabin only a short drive from New York City.

Book A Black Aframe

14) Hideout Bali

Hideout Bali // Bali, Indonesia


Active since 2015, Hideout Bali is one of the oldest and most successful Instagram worthy Airbnbs.

This collection of vacation rentals sit in an idyllic Balinese terrain, with each offering open-air floor plans and sweeping views of the surrounding rice paddies.

It’s no wonder, then, that Hideout Bali has built an endearing audience of over 250,000 followers on Instagram. Better yet, they keep feeding fans and guests alike by building a steady stream of new properties to rent.

Book Hideout Bali

15) Joshua Tree Cabin

Wilder Cabin // Joshua Tree, California


Joshua Tree Cabin is another early pioneer to marketing their Airbnb on Instagram.

This desert escape caters to a beautiful mid-century modern design, with each of their four homes remodeled out of cabins from the 1950s, yet featuring a contemporary look.

And this eye for design has yielded tremendous success on Instagram. Joshua Tree Cabin is often the target of established content creators and trendy guests alike.

Book Joshua Tree Wilder Cabin

16) Le Riad Yasmine

Le Riad Yasmine // Marrakech, Morocco


Positioned in the middle of the Medina in Marrakech, Le Riad Yasmine is a boutique hotel with 8 eclectic rooms.

The lush pool in the heart of this riad is commonly reposted across social media. Similarly, the interior design and bold use of colors lend to this boutique hotel as one of the most Instagram worthy Airbnbs.

Invite friends or family and enjoy Marrakech from this idyllic oasis.

Book Le Riad Yasmine

17) Montana Treehouse Retreat

Montana Treehouse Retreat // Columbia Falls, Montana


Arguably the most Instagram worthy Airbnb for winter adventures, Montana Treehouse Retreat feels like a cabin made for Peter Pan.

This cozy cabin offers lucky guests a taste of Montana’s wilderness magic. Best of all, it’s close to the entrance to Glacier National Park, and offers modern amenities like wifi, air conditioning, and a full bathroom.

Book Montana Treehouse Retreat

Wrapping It All Up

From Morocco to Montana, creative hosts are finding success on Instagram marketing their Airbnbs.

Each home has something to offer, whether that’s excellent interior design, stunning views, or beautiful pools and amenities to match.

If you’re curious to know if your home could do the same, then give our article Should I Market My Airbnb On Instagram a read.

In the end, there are hundreds of homes and hosts doing quite well on Instagram. If you think we missed some important ones, let us know in the comments below.

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