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Six Rules For Packing For a Great Travel Experience

Packing well will make a huge difference in how much you enjoy your travel experience. Here are the six essential rules for packing well.

A Photographer’s Guide to New York City

While you’re out in about in the city that never sleeps, be sure to swing by some of these premier photography spots, snap some pictures, and make us jealous of the fact that you’re traveling in NYC.

Travel Paris: Exploring The City of Light on a Budget

Paris is famous for romance, style, and culture. With so many amenities, traveling to and about Paris can come at a cost. Here’s how to baguette on a budget.

Pod Hotels: Sleeping in a Capsule

If you’re a bit cash-strapped, but you’re looking for something a bit more upscale than a hostel or dormitory — there might be a solution: capsule hotels.

Stories From Japan: Deep in Shikoku’s Iya Valley

Escape into the Iya Valley  — a remote mountainous region in Japan that has long captivated minds with its lush fall foliage and overhanging, craggy mountain gorges.

A Photographer’s Guide to Los Angeles

If you’ve seen a movie before, then you’ve seen Los Angeles. And as a city synonymous with movies, it’s to no surprise that LA is full of picturesque places to snap some photos. Here’s our list of the top spots to find amazing photos in Los Angeles.

Budget Travel: 7 Affordable Ways to Explore London

From the renown Big Ben clocktower, to the puffy black bearskin hats atop the Queen’s Guard, London is a cosmopolitan admired everywhere. Almost everyone has a misconception that you’ll need to spend a fortune in London. Here’s to showing that’s not the case.

7 Places To Go In San Miguel de Allende

Smell the scents of fresh tacos grilling, gaze down alleys of brick buildings and vibrant paint, hear the sounds of mariachi bands playing, all while walking along cobblestone streets.

The Ultimate Tulum Travel Guide

A collection of accommodations, eateries, and excursions for your trip to the Yucatan Peninsula.

The 8 Best Airbnbs in Bali

A definitive guide for choosing the most photogenic accommodations in Bali. This article will continue to be updated with new finds and favorites.