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Frequently Asked Questions

Escape Cadet is for travelers looking to find beautiful places to stay, without having to spend hours searching for the perfect accommodation. We’ll save you time and energy by finding the best accommodation for your next trip.

You’ll receive a list of 5 properties custom tailored to suit your next vacation, with links to book each property. Simply choose your favorite, book the accommodation, and enjoy your next trip.

We charge only $10 per day, regardless of the number of travelers. But please note we do not accommodate groups larger than 10 people. For large groups, please get in touch by clicking here.

You can expect to have your recommendations within a week of ordering.

We give you a list of 5 properties we believe will be a perfect fit for your vacation. It is up to you book your favorite.

We’ve spent the last few years finding some of the most unique and photogenic properties around the world, while posting these discoveries on social media. From these efforts, we’ve gained the trust of hundreds of thousands of followers who like our curated recommendations. We’re confident you’ll like them, too.

We focus strictly on finding the best accommodations for your vacation. If you’re looking for full-service travel planning, please get in touch by clicking here.